Peter conquers the learner slopes at The Remarkables

Peter conquers the learner slopes at The Remarkables
Peter conquers the beginners slope at The Remarkables.

Peter conquers the learner slopes at The Remarkables.

peter getting on to the magic carprt at the remarkables

Peter loading onto the magic carpet at The Remarkables ski area.

Daniel after 3 hours in a mono ski ripping up the learner slope


Roy and Celine are in the background being awesome volunteers. Prior to this shot Ross skied backwards over a snowboarder and crashed while trying to take a photo. Oops!

Adaptive Equipment Storage at The Remarkables

Adaptive Equipment Storage at The Remarkables

Equipment Storage

The open door on the right at the back of the rental photo leads to the room under the stairs where uniforms, tethers, links and small equipment is kept.

Please be courteous to guests when lifting the bench and opening this door.

Remarkables Opening Thursday

Remarkables Opening Thursday


Be there to try the new Curvey Basin chairlift when The Remarkables ski area opens tomorrow.

Note that the Adaptive Programme will be moving back to the Remarkables this week.

Be sure to double check the venue for your upcoming volunteer bookings.

Big Big Air

Big Air 2010


Mia O’Keefe in low orbit prepares for re-entry at  The Remakables, 2010.

Snowbuddies is on Facebook


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Evac Sam.

Sam Evac

Sam gets ready for chairlift evacuation practice at Coronet Peak.

Shred and Spike. Our newest Snowbuddies.

Adaptive kiwi and Kea in bi-skiCrash the Kea and Spike the Kiwi try out a bi-ski.

Flying into the 2014 Season

08.07.2010 Spike in sit ski 014

Experience the freedom the Remarkables Adaptive Programme offers.

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