Jett Buckley

Jett Buckley


Jett Buckley from Canberra, NSW enjoying his third day skiing at The Remarkables with our HOC bi-ski.

Thanks to Kim Cosman and all the volunteers who came up with Jett for making this a very memorable family holiday and snow sports experience.

Some Positive Feedback!


Here is a sampling of the incredible feedback we have received this season. I’ve had much more that I will try and get loaded for everyone to see :)

July 10, 2015

Hi Team


Just wanted to say thanks for the experience over the past week. Two great days on the snow. Ross, you really challenged me oh the shadow basin! Fleur and i had some great runs with a full clean run from the top of Curvey wrapping things up. 


Please pass on my thanks to Kim Andy and Fleur.





August 3, 2015

Hello all Phyios.

We have just returned from a skiing holiday at The Remarkables in Queenstown NZ.

I wanted to give a big plug the The Remarkables Adaptive Ski Program.

If you are on Facebook (31 July) you can see a video they have done on Georgia’s ski experience.  Search ‘The Remarkables’ or click the following:

The outriggers (elbow crutches with skis on the bottom) they were going to use with Georgia were too big so you will see Georgia’s ‘car’ (her Nimbo walker), got a bit of a facelift for the week – that’s how ‘adaptive’ they are.

If anyone has a client/patient who would like to have a go a skiing, we can thoroughly recommend them.  Ask for Kim Cosman who is the Adaptive Snowsports Co-ordinator (

Their moto is simple:  Anyone can ski!

If you become a member of their adaptive program you get big discounts off their equipment hire which helps with the costs.

Sorry for the advertising but George had such a great week we’d love to think more kids could have the same opportunity…. Especially because it was a wonderful family holiday too:  We all got to ski!

Kind regards

Claire Gardiner

August 4, 2015

Hi Paul,

My family and I have just spent the last week and a bit holidaying and skiing at the Remarkables.

My son Harry utilised the Skiwi facilities, my daughter Georgia utilised the adaptive programme, my wife did several lessons with Ski School and I got to go skiing!

I would like you to know that every staff member that we in counted are a credit to your organisation and you should be very proud of their attitudes and the level of service  they supplied.

Mikala and Brittney and the rest of the girls  in Skiwi were phenomenal with Harry, they knew exactly when to push him along and when to give him a rest, the program clearly works, he’d never seen snow before and in the space of 7 days he went from not standing up on day 1  to going up and down the big magic carpet  on the last day , he had the best time and can’t he wait till next year to hit the Kea Club.

Adaptive Programme, where to start!!!

My daughter Georgia  has Cerebral Palsy  and the promise we made to her was that she would be given every opportunity to experience anything any other kid gets too. Needless to say I wasn’t sure how this would play out when it came to skiing so in the lead up to our trip I think I nearly spoke to everyone on the mountain who would have anything to do with teaching Georgia to ski, everyone I spoke to couldn’t  have been more helpful and  patience with all my questions, now that I  look back and see how easy things where worked out when we were on the mountain I really had nothing to worry about,

All the people involved in the programme are amazing  and are clearly dedicated to giving everyone the opportunity to ski,  the “can do“ attitude they all have is what made the whole experience so brilliant for Georgia and us.

I knew they were a special bunch when on day one they could see Georgia was never going to be able to cope using the outriggers and instead of just resorting to putting her in a sit ski  Jo Ablitt took her walking frame(her car) and turned it into her snow car, Jo’s attitude was second to none and he was just brilliant to speak with and really gave Georgia some thrills later in the week, he can tell you about that.

None of Georgia’s progress would have been possible with Emily Bynevelt as her Instructor. Emily is quite possible the most patient yet strong and professional person I have met, she not only had to contend with Georgia but two parents and four uncles and aunts and countless cousins who were always keen to see how Georgia was doing, she managed all this with a smile on her face, even when I crashed into them while they were on the sit ski.

The Team including Kim, Ryan, Tracey and all the volunteers especially Sara and Fleur made Georgia’s week, the amazing video put together by Kyle was a really special way for Georgia and her family and friends to  see what she had achieved over the week.

We were really luck to spend time with these amazing people.

My wife could only say how wonderful all her instructors were, especially a young Welsh Lad called  Will and a  Scottish guy called Rob,  apparently they were very nice and charming……… ski instructors!!!

Anna Dowsett and her team in Guest Services were awesome, Anna was extremely patient in sorting out my over exuberance in creating our mypasses and again this was done with a happy voice and a “ not to worry” attitude.

Your team, The Adaptive program, The Remarkables and the company are a credit to your organisation, the fact the Adaptive guys are already talking about what they can do next year to help Georgia’s development is exciting for us and we cannot wait to get back there and spend some more time watching Harry and Georgia develop their skiing.

Paul, I have been involved in the Restaurant and Hospitality industry for 24 years and in that time I have travelled far and wide and have never experienced such overall exceptional service and a brilliant time!

Please pass on my thanks to all your  staff from the Road Crew to Ski Patrol, Wendy from marketing who showed myself and my brother the Homeward Runs and the Ice Bar attendant!

See you next year!!


Greg Farnan

September 15, 2015

Dear Mr Anderson,


I am writing to you to thank you and your team for the wonderful experience we had at The Remarkables this season.


Our youngest son James is a special needs child with mild intellectual and physical delays.  We were made aware of the adaptive lessons service by some friends here in Sydney and booked as a result.  I must admit we were still somewhat nervous to see what James could actually manage.  Neither of our 2 boys had ever seen snow before, let alone tried skiing.  


We booked 5 days of adaptive lessons for James (3 hours every morning) from 7-11 July. His instructor was a delightful young English girl called Josie.  We also benefitted from having a volunteer available to assist James in during his lesson as well as after lunch (3 different young people volunteered). 


For the first day or two, we were a little concerned as James struggled to control his body.  Calmly and methodically Josie persisted with James.  Her gentle encouragement and positive nature was critical.  Slowly as we reached days 3, 4 and then 5, James’s confidence and ability improved.  It culminate don Day 5 when Josie and the volunteer took him up the Alta chair.  By the end of the lesson James had done about 10 green runs from the top of Alta.  It was truly amazing.


As a family we were so proud of what James accomplished.  It far exceeded all of our expectations.  None of this would have been possible without the amazing service offered by your team.  From Josie the instructor, to Kimberley Cosman who was co-ordinating the adaptive lessons, to Tracey Savory behind the scenes. And of course the volunteers.  I cannot commend your team enough.  They made it possible for our family to have a skiing holiday.  Without them we could not have managed it either physically, trying to teach James, nor emotionally, coping with disappointment and frustration.   Even writing this email to you is making me emotional, thinking of the difference everyone made.  We are currently looking to book again for next year and we can’t wait to return.


Thank you.  I have attached a video of James skiing from the top of Alta with Josie and the volunteer.  And also a photo of them.


Kind regards, Peter Dredge


Sydney, Australia

September 17, 2015

Hi Tracey,


I hope you are well.  I am James Dredge’s father, we met when we can over during the week beginning 7th July this year to Ski the Remarkables.  You mostly corresponded with my wife, Ellen Fanning.


James had 5 adaptive lessons with Josie and it was the most amazing experience for us all.  We had such a wonderful time we would like to return next year.  Can you advise the process for booking adaptive lessons for next year?  Is it too early to book?   I believe we would be looking at 11th – 15th July 2016


Once again, thank you for everything you did to make our experience so positive.   Attached is a photo of James and Josie and one of the wonderful volunteers.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Regards, Peter Dredge




David Conquers Coronet Peak

David Conquers Coronet Peak

Just in case you missed it in the Mountain Scene and Southland Times David reached his goal of skiing from the top to the bottom of Coronet Peak.

6 years ago we taught him how to stand on his skis again for the first time after his accident. That first year he managed to complete a few straight runs by the end of the season.  The following season he was making turns on the learner slope only.

A few years on and with lots of support from many different volunteers he has finally got to ski the run that used to be his every day warm up.  Thanks to all of you for being part of this journey and of the journeys of the all those who ski and snowboard with your assistance.  You’re awesome!


Adaptive with David 2 (1 of 2) (2)

The First Monoski down Homeward.

Top of Homeward The Homeward Runs Top of Shadow Wild off piste

Mia O’Keefe becomes to first skier to conquer the Homeward run at the Remarkables in a monoski.

Elaine finds some Powder

Elaine skiing powder Powder DaySure it was a few weeks ago but the memory will last the season.  I reckon this was one of the best snow days I’ve had at the Remarkables in 15 years.

Volunteer get together

Volunteer get together

Thursday 28th August, 6pm at the buffalo club. Time to share stories eat nibbles and have a drink to celebrate what we’ve achieved. Thank you. Please sign up on the calendar.

Check out where this shot was taken!

David Clarke

Yep, it’s David again progressing on his mission to ski from the top of Coronet Peak by the end of the season. Although why anyone would prefer CP over the Remarks with views like this I’m not sure!  The ski down took 2.5 hours punctuated with many rest stops but this was the longest time that David has skied since his accident. Everyone was tired but elated by the time we reached the bottom of Alta chair at 4:30.

The Freedom of Snowsports


Roy goes exploring in the Wye valley behind Curvey Basin on his brand new split board.  Fresh tracks, great views, and solitude.  It is a short walk from the top of Curvey to look at the view, just follow the boot packed track.  If you want to explore further check in with Patrol for current conditions.  There have been a lot of avalanches out there recently.  Alternatively the walk to the lookout from the top of Shadow Basin chair is well rewarded with stunning views down the Lake Wakatipu.

David Carter on his first Day back in 2014


David has set himself a goal this year of skiing from the top of Coronet Peak to the bottom. Stay tuned to see how he goes.

By the way this is not a picture of a new sit ski design. Just time for a break before fatigue sets in.

Party Time Monday 28 July – sign up on the calendar

Party Time Monday 28 July – sign up on the calendar


Time to celebrate what we have achieved in June and July.


Even if you haven’t volunteered yet please come along.

For RSVP and more information please visit the Snowbuddies calendar.

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