Things to know about Volunteering at the Remarkables

Hi Y’all

Just thought I’d give you a few notes about the Remarkables since we spent so much time over there on CP.

  1. Volunteer Jackets are in the “secret” cupboard under the stairs (see the photo in News).
    Please wear one of  these when volunteering.
  2. There are some Volunteer lockers in the staff room.
    The door is to the left of the outside entrance to rentals. The lockers are past the stairs and our lockers are on the back side of the first row of lockers and are numbered 99 and 100. There is an “adaptive volunteer locker” sign on both of them.  These are for day use only.  If, and only if, you are volunteering for consecutive days you can store a board or skis in the “secret cupboard” under the stairs. At other times please take your equipment off the mountain otherwise we will lose this option.
  3. There are disabled toilets in both the mens and the womens toilet blocks and there is another one in the first aid room on the right had end of the base building. There is no disabled access to the cafeteria. Next year we’ll have a new base building which will fix that issue.
  4. For people who can’t get to or from the bus under their own steam call into ski Patrol on the right hand end of the base building and ask for a skidoo transfer to take someone to the car parking area.
    Disabled parking is on the left hand end of the bus drop off, near curvy basin base area along with VIP parking
  5. When returning sit skis to rentals please remove as much snow as possible before hanging them up.
  6. The meeting places that we have are Kea Club and Private Lessons which are both on the left hand side of the conveyor belt.
    Look for the flags and the snowsports instructors, and also outside the main entrance at the bottom of the wheelchair ramp.
  7. If you have any questions please make a comment in the Q and A Forum.




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