Arya! With Remarks Primary~

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to throw this out there to whomever would be working with Arya on the 20th of August. Just some things I’ve learned and think are useful.

Arya is awesome! He knows how to turn, but isn’t always going to complete a turn. So if you are the learner slope, skiing backwards and holding his hands works wonders. Lightly tug on his right hand if you want to turn right and vice versa is a good way to ski with him. Arya loves chairlifts so they do serve as a distraction sometimes! He will wonder off in the direction of the chairs if you don’t pay attention. At the end of his day though, I did take him up alta and ski with him, (Holding him from behind, still doing the tugging thing), all the way down with him making most of the turns with me. Arya tends to using singing to convey happiness so if he starts screaming out lyrics to something while skiing, that’s a good thing!

Good Luck!


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